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Welcome to Pastimes Farm & Bakery
Sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way is the best way. Years ago livestock & poultry were raised as God intended them to be raised: on green grass with fresh water and ample sunshine, using natural resources to produce very lean and healthy meat. Certainly it takes more time and effort to raise animals this way...but here at Pastimes Farm we believe that things that take time and effort are worthwhile both for our family and our customers! 
We believe that we can bring your family a very nutritious and delicious product by adhering to the practice of raising our animals the old-fashioned ways of the past. This takes time because our cattle are handled using low stress methods. Low Stressed animals produce more tender meat. They are not crowded into commercial pens or feedlots. They are not given routine antibiotics, growth hormones, animal by-products or feeds that do not agree with their digestive system. We never use pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers on our pastures. To ensure that our livestock get the best grass, we rotate pastures in the spring summer and fall and feed fodder, grass, alfalfa and clover hay in the winter. We believe in the humane treatment of all animals God places in our care and provide them with the best care possible from birth to harvest. We are extremely committed in supplying not only the finest tasting but the healthiest Grass Fed & Finished Beef, Bison, Lamb, Pork & Chicken you can find, along with free~range forged eggs, Butter & Cheese.
At this time we offer direct sales from our farm and use the best USDA inspected meat processor in the entire area who butchers especially for us, to the finest specifications. Beef, Bison, Lamb & Pork is sold by the pound, whole or by the half and is readily available year around. Chicken is also available, by the pound, in finished 3-4 lb dressed whole chicken, Whole Pre-Cut 8 piece Cup-Up, Boneless Skinless Breast, Bone-in Split Breast, Leg Thigh Quarters, Boneless thighs, Drumsticks, Wings and wonderful Bones for making your very own healthy Bone Broth. 
Our family farm located in Lincoln, Missouri 90 miles south of Kansas City in the heart of Lake of Ozark and Truman Lake area. We look forward to meeting you and becoming your local Family Farmer.

Many Blessings~Jeff & Dianna...Grace, Glorianna, Georgia, Josie, Sadie, 
Owen, Evan,  Andrew & Ella
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8 am-1:00 pm
April - November & ALL WINTER Long in the Kansas City Area for our weekly WINTER Deliveries of Great Farm Fresh Meat, Eggs, Butter, Cheese and More!
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Pastimes Farm and Bakery