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Pastimes Bakery Products
Just a few of things we carry at Pastimes Farm & Bakery...Product availability changes weekly. This is a short list of things that we bake fresh and carry at the Overland Park Farmers Market or at our Farm Store (Opening May 2016) At this time Bakery Products are NOT available for Pre-Ordering for pick-up at the Overland Park Farmers Market....we do however, bring along a great selection for customers to stop by and pick up from 7am-SOLD OUT every Saturday at the Overland Park Farmers Market.


***GLUTEN FREE Cheesecake 5"...$5 or 8"...$10 
              (Flavors Vary Weekly/Seasonally)

***GLUTEN FREE Par Baked Pizza Crust....$5

***GLUTEN FREE German Chocolate Cake....$5

***GLUTEN FREE Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcakes (4 pk) $6 

***GLUTEN FREE Confetti Sugar or Chocolate Chip COOKIES...$3/Half Dozen

***GLUTEN FREE Mini Pound Cake $4
*Lemon Blueberry *Almond Coconut
*Banana *Pumpkin *Raspberry White Chocolate

*Turtle *M&M *Andies Mint *Chocolate Chunk *Salted Caramel

***GLUTEN FREE QUICHE 5"...$5 or 8"...$10
~Cheesy Bacon
~Italian 3 Meat & Cheese (Pepperoni/Salami/Bacon)
~Spinach Feta
~Spinach Feta Bacon
~Spinach Feta Portabella 
~Other Flavors added weekly at our discretion 

***GLUTEN FREE NOODLES….$5.99/bag (@12/14 oz bags)
**Home-style **Porcini Mushroom **Spinach

​***GLUTEN FREE CINNAMON ROLLS (FROZEN Ready-to-Bake) $14/Half Dozen

****Pastimes SIGNATURE Cinnamon Rolls ** NOT GLUTEN FREE**
 $5 (pkg of 3 READY-to-EAT)

FROZEN-READY-to-BAKE CINNAMON ROLLS (Includes Baking Instructions & Our Signature Cinnamon Roll Icing)
 $10/Half Dozen or $18/Dozen

***Homemade NOODLES….$4.99/bag (16 oz) *****SPECIAL 2/$8 (NOT GLUTEN-FREE) 

The Following Jam/Jelly is available every week as supply last.
~All of Our Jam and Jelly is made by hand, from scratch... ALL NATURAL, NO ADDITIVES, NO PRESERVATIVES, Gluten~Free!
*Jams/Jellies (with Sugar)... $5 ****SPECIAL ANY 6/$25
***Sugar Free Jam…$6 (Sweetened With Natural Fruit Juices ONLY, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER)

*Apricot Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Apricot Jam
*Blackberry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE  Blackberry Jam
*Blueberry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Blueberry Jam
*Boysenberry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Boysenberry Jam
*Cherry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Cherry Jam
*Gooseberry Jam AND SUGAR FREE Gooseberry Jam
*Peach Jam AND SUGAR FREE Peach Jam
*Strawberry Jam AND SUGAR FREE Strawberry Jam
*Strawberry Rhubarb Jam AND SUGAR FREE Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
*Red Raspberry Jam AND SUGAR FREE Red Raspberry Jam
*Traffic Jam (Strawberry/Cherry/Cranberry/Rhubarb)
*Plum Jam *Huckleberry Jam *Grape Jelly
*Strawberry Banana Jam *Strawberry Jalapeno Jam
*Hot & Sweet Jalapeno Jelly
*Rhubarb Jam  *Elderberry Jelly
*Caramel Apple Pecan Butter 
*Peach Butter  
*Pumpkin Butter

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