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Pastimes Bakery Products
Just a few of things we carry at Pastimes Farm & Bakery...Product availability changes weekly. This is a short list of things that we bake fresh and carry at the Overland Park Farmers Market. At this time Bakery Products are NOT available for Pre-Ordering for pick-up at the Overland Park Farmers Market....we do however, bring along a great selection for customers to stop by and pick up from 7am-SOLD OUT every Saturday at the Overland Park Farmers Market. Please see us on FACEBOOK at Pastimes Farm & Bakery for our weekly selections and availability.


***GLUTEN FREE Cheesecake 5"...$5 or 8"...$10 
              (Flavors Vary Weekly/Seasonally)

***GLUTEN FREE German Chocolate Cake....$5

***GLUTEN FREE Mini Pound Cake $4
*Lemon Blueberry *Almond Coconut
*Banana *Pumpkin *Raspberry White Chocolate

*Turtle *M&M *Andies Mint *Chocolate Chunk *Salted Caramel

***GLUTEN FREE QUICHE 5"...$5 or 8"...$10
~Cheesy Bacon
~Italian 3 Meat & Cheese (Pepperoni/Salami/Bacon)
~Spinach Feta
~Spinach Feta Bacon
~Spinach Feta Portabella 
~Other Flavors added weekly at our discretion 

***GLUTEN FREE NOODLES….$6.99/bag (@12/14 oz bags)
**Home-style **Porcini Mushroom **Spinach

​***GLUTEN FREE CINNAMON ROLLS (FROZEN Ready-to-Bake) $14/Half Dozen

****Pastimes SIGNATURE Cinnamon Rolls ** NOT GLUTEN FREE**
 $5 (pkg of 3 READY-to-EAT)

FROZEN-READY-to-BAKE CINNAMON ROLLS (Includes Baking Instructions & Our Signature Cinnamon Roll Icing)
 $10/Half Dozen or $18/Dozen

***Homemade NOODLES….$4.99/bag (16 oz) ***(NOT GLUTEN-FREE) 

The Following Jam/Jelly is available every week as supply last.
~All of Our Jam and Jelly is made by hand, from scratch... ALL NATURAL, NO ADDITIVES, NO PRESERVATIVES, Gluten~Free!
*Jams/Jellies (with Sugar)... $5 ****SPECIAL ANY 6/$25
***Sugar Free Jam…$6 (Sweetened With Natural Fruit Juices ONLY, NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER)

*Apricot Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Apricot Jam
*Blackberry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE  Blackberry Jam
*Blueberry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Blueberry Jam
*Boysenberry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Boysenberry Jam
*Cherry Jam AND **SUGAR FREE Cherry Jam
*Gooseberry Jam AND SUGAR FREE Gooseberry Jam
*Peach Jam AND SUGAR FREE Peach Jam
*Strawberry Jam AND SUGAR FREE Strawberry Jam
*Strawberry Rhubarb Jam AND SUGAR FREE Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
*Red Raspberry Jam AND SUGAR FREE Red Raspberry Jam
*Fall Jam (Strawberry/Cherry/Cranberry/Rhubarb)
*Plum Jam *Huckleberry Jam *Grape Jelly *Apple Jelly
*Strawberry Banana Jam *Strawberry Jalapeno Jam
*Hot & Sweet Jalapeno Jelly
*Rhubarb Jam  *Elderberry Jelly
*Cinnamon Apple Jelly
*Orange Marmalade 
*Caramel Apple Pecan Butter 
*Peach Butter  
*Pumpkin Butter

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