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​The cream is made by cold pressing or “juicing” the raw meat of the mature organically grown coconut, delivering a food packed with nutrients and high in medium-chain fatty acids that are easily absorbed. Because most of the coconut fiber is removed, raw coconut cream has a smooth creamy texture, making it ideal as an ingredient in raw desserts and smoothies. Unlike the highly processed & denatured "coconut milk/cream" commonly found in today's health-food markets, RAW coconut cream offers the full spectrum of BOTH fat- & water- soluble nutrients in their most natural form. Coconut cream is one of the most powerful detoxifying foods on the planet. Coconut Cream is a Natural heavy metal chelator and helps dissolves kidney stones. Coconut Cream is comprised of lauric, capric, and other medium-chain fatty acids (MCT's) which metabolize quickly-making it a source of instant energy. It is high in folate, Vitamic C, fiber, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, iron & selenium. Raw Coconut Cream is a natural solution to burn stored fat and soften and eliminate hardened fat deposits in arteries.
Pastimes Farm Coconut Cream, Kefir & Frozen Dessert

Our Coconut Cream Kefir is a combination of the only commercially available RAW Coconut Cream and Raw Coconut Water Kefir. The cream is made by cold pressing or “juicing” the raw meat of the mature organically grown coconut, delivering a food packed with nutrients and high in medium-chain fatty acids that are easily absorbed. It is then cultured with Raw Coconut Water Kefir & Raspberries. A great way to get both of our wonderful products in one great tasting product.
This "ice-cream" like dessert is made from un-pasteurized, raw Coconut “Cream” (not milk) & is sweetened with Raw Honey. It contains NO cane sugar or agave. We also have a version using Stevia. Ingredients: Organic Raw Coconut Cream (Coconut, Coconut Water), Purified Water, Organic Raw Clover Honey, Organic Raw Coconut Oil, Organic Madagascar Vanilla, Organic Guar Gum, & Organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean
The following are available sweetened with Raw Organic HONEY:* Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Lemon Creme, Cinnamon Roll.
Salted Caramel & Caramel Mocha Latte are sweetened with Raw Organic Coconut Sugar.  We carry both a Vanilla & Chocolate Coconut Cream Granita sweetened with Organic Stevia.
Offered in both 4oz Single Size or 14oz Family Size.
Raw Coconut Kefir
Raw Coconut Kefir is a living food—a raw, probiotic beverage that is one of the most hydrating, digestive-supporting drinks on the planet. Made from the water of raw organically grown coconuts and cultured with probiotics typically found in kefir, this effervescent, non-dairy beverage is a refreshing way to hydrate your body, while supporting digestive health. Certified Organic by QAI
Starting with pure water of the mature coconuts, each one is tested to ensure that high standards of optimal taste are met. It is then cultured with an old culture and GanEden's BC-30 probiotics (over 1 Billion CFU's per 2oz serving) and bottled immediately. Full of bioactive enzymes, B-Complex vitamins and electrolytes, kefir is a GREAT way to improve intestinal flora.

Our Raw Coconut Cream, Kefir, and Frozen Desserts are all made in small batches in a certified organic processing plant in southwest Missouri. Only fresh, raw, certified organic coconuts are used that are brought from Mexico and Central America. The coconuts are hand selected, shelled, and cold-pressed to obtain all of the nutrient-dense liquid oils and live enzymes.
$12.95 Each
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Raw Organic
$7.95 Each
6oz Glass $10.95
16oz Glass $19.95
-Organic RAW Honey has never been heated, pasteurized or processed in any way allowing it to be a powerful antioxidant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial & ant-fungal way to promote the body's health by improving digestive, immune & endocrine systems' health
-Truly Raw Balinese Cacao that is never heated about 115* and therefore very high in anti-oxidants & nutrients
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