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Our Farm...Our Family...and Our Life!
We are a "from-scratch" this we mean, we have started this whole farm from nothing, by hand and with lots of hard work!
We believe in raising animals the way God intended, not with added hormones, implants, antibiotic additives to their feed, chemicals and altered food.
We are advocates of GMO~Free farming and we believe that man has been blessed by the creator to provide food by the work of his hands. 
We strive to give our children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and customers food that is pure and unharmed of as of many chemicasl and modifications as possible on our farm. 
We currently have 106 acres that we raise Grass~Fed All~Natural Beef, Lamb, Pigs and Chickens. We have free~range chickens that give us the most beautiful brown eggs that our family enjoys and we enjoy sharing with others.
This year we added a new addition to our farm, Buttercup, our family Jersey Milk Cow who provides our family with delicious rich butter, cream, cheese and milk!
We also have a few "pets" which includes our Jack Russel (Ari), a mini Sicilian Donkey(Ester) and a few Guinea's and what ever else happens to find a home here!