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PRODUCT/PRICE LIST for the week of April 4th. ALL ORDERS MUST be RECEIVED by 6pm Thursday and we will have it ready for pick-up this Saturday April 9th from 8:30-11:00 UNLESS Prior Arrangements are made...$20 Minimum Order...Come see us every Saturday at the Overland Park Farmers Market at 7950 Marty St. Overland Park, Kansas from 7:30 am - 1pm (April 9th-November 12th)

*Medium Free~Range Foraged EGGS... $3.50/Doz 2 or more Dozen $3.00 Each *******Jumbo MUTANT Eggs....$4.00/Doz

*ALL~Natural Hand~Rolled Salted Butter....$5.99/lb  * UNSALTED BUTTER...$5.99/lb 
**Butter is Grass~Fed Milk & is 100% Growth Hormone Free!!!

Yogurt Cheese Plain (8oz) Much like Mozzerella..$4.99
Yogurt Garlic Herb (8oz) $4.99
Yogurt Jalapeno (8oz) Just like Pepper Jack...$4.99
Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese (8oz) $4.99 *****Raw Milk Smoked Cheddar Cheese (8oz) $4.99
​***Yogurt Cultured Cheese (lactose free) and contains Live Yogurt (probiotic) Cultures...
***All Cheese is Grass~Fed Milk & is 100% Growth Hormone Free!!

100% Pure ALL~NATURAL Applesauce NO SUGAR ADDED...$5
100% Pure Local RAW HONEY....$7.99/Pint Glass Jar
100% Pure Local RAW HONEY...$4.99/Honey Bears

****NEW**100% PURE PASTIMES CHICKEN BONE Broth $5/Qt **SOLD OUT this week
*****NEW**100% PURE PASTIMES BEEF BONE Broth $5/Qt **SOLD OUT this week
(Our Bone Broth is made from our 100% Pastured Chicken & Grass Fed Beef...NO SUGAR, NO Added Colors or Flavors...
JUST 100% PURE, FRESH & SIMPLE Bone Broth)

100% Pure All~Natural, Pastured Pork...NO Hormones,NO Antibiotics,
NO SOY,NO Nitrates, NO MSG, GLUTEN-FREE-NO Additives
**Ground Pork Burger...$4.99/lb
 **Pork Sausage...$4.99/lb  **Italian Sausage...$4.99/lb
 **Chorizo...$6.99/lb (Approx 1 lb package)
**Breakfast Sausage LINKS....$5.99/pkg SALE 2/$10 (8 per package, Approx 1lb package)
**Italian Sausage Brats....$5.99 pkg (4 per package, Approx 1 lb package)
**German Bratwurst…$5.99 pkg (4 per package, Approx 1 lb package)
**Apple Bratwurst....$5.99 pkg (4 per package, Approx 1 lb package)
**Burbon Whiskey Peppercorn Bratwurst...$5.99/pkg (4 per package, Approx 1 lb package) **SOLD OUT THIS WEEK
**Bone-IN Chops...$6.99/lb (1” Thick/ 2 per package) SALE 2 or more pkgs $5.99/lb***3 or MORE $5.49/lb
**Pork Roast (Boston Butt)...$6.99/lb (3-4 lbs) SALE $5.99/lb 2 or MORE (3/4” Thick/2 per package)
**Pork Steak...$6.99/lb 
**True Tenderloin...$11.99/lb
**Bacon....$8.49/lb **SALE $7.99/lb*****NO SUGAR Cured BACON...$8.49/lb SALE $7.99/lb
**Spare Ribs...$12/Slab  **Baby Back Ribs...$10/slab
**Gourmet Hams....$5.99/lb 
**Please call for more information on weight and specific cuts preferred...we will do our best to accommodate your family needs

100% Grass~Fed & Finished BEEF....NO GMO's NO GRAINS NO Antibiotics, NO HORMONES 
*Ground Beef 90/10...$6.99/lb 
*Roast (Sirloin Tip, Rump, Arm, Chuck)...$7.99/lb (2-3 lbs each) 
*Gourmet Stew Meat…$7.99/lb
*Shank Steak (Marrow Bone Steak)...$6.99/lb
*Sirloin Steak $10.99/lb (1" thick, 1 steak per package)
*KC Strip...$15.99/lb (1" thick, 2 steaks per package)
*Ribeye...$18.99/lb  (1" thick, Approx 2 per package)
*Fillet Mignon...$19.99/lb *SOLD OUT
*Rendered Beef Tallow...$5 (Approx 2 lbs/container)
*Pure Beef Bone Broth...$5 
*Assorted Beef Bones…$2.99/lb (For Bone Broth) 
*Liver or Heart or Tongue...$4.99lb SALE***$3.99/lb
​***1/2 or Whole BEEF***$5.49/lb Hanging Weight (Includes USDA Processing, Vacuum Sealed, Labeled and Delivered)
**Please call for more information on weight and specific cuts preferred...we will do our best to accommodate your family needs & offer custom processing. * We also offer FULLY Pastured, NON GMO Grain Supplemented Beef at $4.69/lb Call for more Information (816)419-1033

100% Grass Fed & Finished BISON...NO GMO's NO GRAINS NO Antibiotics NO HORMONES (Prices per Pound)
Ground Bison... $9.99/lb
Bison Roast... $9.99/lb
Bison Stew Meat... $9.99/lb
Bison Sirloin Steak.... $11.99/lb
KC Strip Bison Steaks.... $15.99/lb
Ribeye Bison Steaks... $18.99/lb
Bison Jerky Meat... $9.99/lb 
**(Sliced & Ready to Make-Your-Own-Jerky)
Bison Filet....$19.99/lb **SOLD OUT

100% Pure All~Natural Pastured GRASS FED LAMB...NO Hormones, NO Antibiotics, NON GMO, NO SOY, NO Nitrates/MSG ~ SOLD OUT 
***Ground Lamb...$10.99/lb **SOLD OUT
***Lamb Chops (T-Bone Steaks)....$14.99/lb**SOLD OUT
***Leg of Lamb...$10.99/lb **SOLD OUT
***Lamb Roast...$10.99/lb ***Rack of Lamb...$14.99/lb **SOLD OUT

All~Natural Pasture~Raised Chicken...NO Hormones, NO Antibiotics,NO SOY, NO Nitrates, NO MSG, GLUTEN-FREE- NO Additives 
**WHOLE Chicken $3.99/lb (3.5-4.5 lbs) 
**8 piece Whole Cut-Up Chicken...$3.99/lb(Includes 2 Breast/2 Thighs/2 Legs/2 Wings) (3.5-5 lbs)
**Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast...$8.99/lb **SOLD OUT
**Boneless Thighs......$6.99/lb (6 Thighs/pkg...@ 1.5-2lb pkg) **SOLD OUT
**Chicken Wings (Approx. 10 per package) $3.49/lb***2 or MORE SALE $2.99/lb
**Chicken Breast (Bone-In, 2 per Package) $5.99/lb *SOLD OUT
**Chicken Leg/Thigh Quarters (4/Package) $3.99/lb *SOLD OUT
**Chicken Drumsticks....$3.99/lb *SOLD OUT
**Chicken Livers....$2.99/lb **Chicken Feet...$2.99/lb **Chicken Bones....$2.49/lb (Assorted sizes from 3-5 lbs when available)
**Pure Chicken Bone Broth...$5 Quart
***PLEASE NOTE: CHICKEN IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR OVERLAND PARK PICK-UP...IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE at our FARM STORE in LINCOLN MISSOURI or at our Missouri Drop Off Locations. All FARM PICK-UP ORDERS Receive 10% OFF! Please CALL us for details. (816)419-1033

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