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From our Family to Your Table

Welcome to our family!

In 2007 we began what we call a "from-scratch" this we mean, we started a whole farm from nothing, by hand and with lots of hard work, prayer and God as the center of everything we do!

We began with the core belief in raising animals the way God intended, not with added hormones, implants, antibiotic additives to their feed, chemicals and altered food. 

We are advocates of GMO-free farming and we believe that man has been blessed by the creator to provide food by the work of his hands and resources He created.

We strive to give our children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors and customers food that is pure and unharmed - without chemicals and modifications.

In 2020, our small out grew the capacity that our family was able to handle. With the onset of COVID and many food supply shortages, we began the journey to partner with our Amish & Mennonite family & friends to increase the ever-growing supply & demand.

In 2022, we began a partnership & farmer owned co-op with these family farms in rural Missouri who where ready to close the doors and sell their farms due to increasing cost. It has been our pleasure to partner with theses small farms to be able to supply our customers with the exact same products & methodology we have practiced over the last 16 years.

Today we are blessed to continue to serve our great friends and family with the same products that we began with all those years ago, while partnering to save local, family farms.

Jeff & Dianna

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