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Product Order form for Saturday,

April 1st, 2023

This order form is for customers picking up at our Pop-Up Location:
Global Montessori Academy
7457 Cherokee Drive
All orders must be picked up from 9am-11:45
Saturday, April 1st
**We will not be opening until 9am during the winter months (January 1st -April 1st)
We have a $25.00 Minimum for Pre-Orders
All Pre-Orders must be received by 8pm THURSDAY, March 30thnd
**All orders are filled as they are received so order as early as possible
Free Range Foraged Eggs
Medium Eggs $5/Dozen - Jumbo Eggs are $6/Dozen
*Please bring us egg cartons...we greatly appreciate it

All Natural Hand - Rolled Butter
Butter is Grass-Fed Milk  & 100% Growth Hormone Free!

Yogurt Cultured Cheese
Lactose Free & Contains Live Yogurt (probiotic) Cultures - 8 oz Blocks
All Cheese is Grass - Fed Milk & 100% Growth Hormone Free!


Grass Fed & Finish Beef
No GMO's, No Grains, No Antibiotics, and No Hormones
ALL Prices are per pound - Steaks are cut
1 Inch Thick   - 2 Steaks/pkg unless otherwise noted
REMEMBER When Ordering, You are ordering per package

Pasture Pork - 100% Pure All Natural,
No GMO's, No Grains, No Antibiotics, NO Soy, No Nitrates, Gluten Free, and No Hormones
ALL Prices are Priced/lbs unless other wise specified.





 Gluten-FREE - ENERGY Protein BITES
ENERGY BITES - We require a minimum of  FIVE DOZEN
(any combination)
for Energy Bite PRE-ORDERS

(these FREEZE Great...we will not have energy bites again unit May...please add a note in the memo if you'd like to be added the wait list)

Apple Sauce, Honey & Jam
Our Honey is locally sourced and 100% Raw, our jams our made with pure simple indigence, and our apple sauce is made of 100% raw organic apples.

Jams and Jelly - No Longer available for PRE-ORDER. We will have them available on the GRAB-&-GO Tables at our pop-up sale.
$6.99 each or BY the CASE (12 jars) $5.99 each

Apple Butter

Apricot Jam

Berry Blessed Jam

Blackberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

Carmel Apple Pecan Butter

Cherry Jam

Christmas Jam

Cranberry Marmalade

Elderberry Jelly

Gooseberry Jam

Grape Jam

Hot & Sweet Jalapeno Jelly


Jalapeno Bacon Jam

Jalapeno Blackberry

Lemon Marmalade

Orange Marmalade

Peach Jalapeno

Peach Jam

Plum Jam

Pumpkin Butter

Red Raspberry Jam


Roasted  Pineapple Habenero

Strawberry Jalapeno Jam

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Rhubarb



TEXT the word "FARM" to 1-888-664-1033

Please leave any details in the box below, to help us fill your order better.  Once you click the "Place Order" button, we will have received your order.  You should receive an email to confirm we have received your order. Please check your email or spam box if you have questions.  However, if you do not receive an email simply text
us at 816.419.1033 and we will confirm your order.



Pasture Raised Chicken - 100% Pure All Natural,
No GMO's, No Antibiotics, No Soy, No Nitrates, No MSG Gluten Free, No Hormones, and No Additives
ALL Prices are Priced/lbs unless other wise specified.
If you are interested in bulk chicken orders comment down below and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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